11 Things Robots Can do Better Than People

Robots are the future. They can do things that humans can’t, and they’re getting smarter all the time. This means that there are more places than ever before where robots can be programmed to do incredible things. There are places where it’s very dangerous for humans. There are situations where too much repetitive motion can harm people as well. So here are some of the things that robots can do better than people, but they wouldn’t be here without the people who invented them.

Clean the Ocean

The ocean is a massive place. It’s hard to clean it all. But robots are better equipped to handle this task than humans. They can cover more ground, and they don’t need a lunch break or bathroom breaks. Their sensors also let them do their jobs more safely than people, reducing the risk of injury or death. Can you imagine sending robots out to pick up all the garbage? How much would this impact the environment in a positive way?

Explore Space

Robots can explore space. Human astronauts have been doing this for decades, but they’re limited by their physical bodies. Robots, on the other hand, can go places where humans don’t have to go—like into low Earth orbit or to other planets and moons. In addition to being able to reach areas we can’t access easily, robots are also much better at collecting data than humans are. For example, when we send a robot into outer space, it will be able to collect information more quickly than we could as humans.

Delight Children at the Mall

Robots are especially good at entertaining children. If you’ve ever been to a mall and tried to get your kid out of the toy store, you know this to be true. Robots can perform tricks and make funny noises, then show off their fancy gadgets that light up and make noise. They’ll even let kids play with them for hours on end without getting tired or bored.

Enter a Burning Building

Robots can be programmed to enter a building and search for survivors. Firefighters are limited in the types of environments they can be in safely. And while they will enter burning buildings, having a robot do the searching can help save lives and keep everyone safer.

Defuse a Bomb

When it comes to defusing bombs, robots can do the job better than people. While people are often the ones who remotely control them, robots can operate with more precision leading to fewer accidental explosions than if people did them by hand. Sarcos Robotics is one company that knows that in addition to being able to perform a specific task with precision, robots can be controlled remotely and made to withstand extreme conditions.

Go Spelunking

Have you ever wanted to go spelunking, the exploration of caves? Caves are amazing and beautiful.  Robots are good at going into small spaces that people can’t fit in. They’re also good at going into dangerous places, like fire pits or volcanoes, and places where it’s hard to breathe, like underwater. All of these are some of the hazardous conditions you might experience in a cave.

Care for the Elderly

Nothing compares to a human’s touch. But when it comes to caring for the elderly, robots can do a lot. Robots can provide companionship, help with daily tasks, assist with medication adherence and mobility, and assist in memory recall and language comprehension. These are great for when people are not available for around-the-clock care.

Take a Bullet for You

Robots are made of metal, not flesh. This is a big advantage for robots over people. As you probably know, metal can withstand more damage than flesh. This means that robots are better equipped to protect humans than people themselves. Robots can be programmed to protect others in dangerous conditions.

Lift Heavy Things

Robots are strong. Robots can lift heavy things. Robots do this more safely, more quickly and more efficiently than people. Leveraging the best of robotics with human intellect can create environments that protect people and get more done quicker.

Walk Across Hot Coals

Robots are built to withstand temperatures that would melt a human being, so if you want to see a robot walk across hot coals, you can. Robots can also be programmed to do things like this and more. This application is useful for fire cleanup, volcanic eruptions, and more.

Robots are Good for Boring Tasks

Being good at boring tasks is one of the most common reasons for using robots. Robots can perform activities that are repetitive and monotonous, such as welding or painting.

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