Using AI-Powered Search to Address Multi-Site Management

Multisite management is either when you need to monitor and manage multiple stores and retail distribution centers remotely from a single dashboard or when you have multiple versions of the same site, perhaps one in English and another in French or one for an older audience and another for a younger audience.

How Do You Effectively Manage a Multi-Site Setup?

How do you get the older audience to see your older audience site? How do you get your French audience to see your French site? In the old days, when people chose the companies they were going to consider, they would visit each of those company’s websites. On a particular site, they would find the button for older people or the button for French.

But today, companies need tons of organic or paid visitors to come to their sites. On the paid side, it’s a little easier. You put out a French-oriented ad, and the French speakers see it. On the organic side, it’s more difficult. Somebody is looking for product X. Does the site serve up a generic explanation of product X, an old person’s explanation of product X, a French explanation of product X?

The best way to effectively manage a multi-site setup is with AI-search.

The benefits of AI-Powered Search

Enterprises need to rapidly and securely stitch together data and content and apply AI to create relevant, unified and valuable experiences.

Implementing AI-powered website search services and recommendations enables you to provide personalized and relevant interactions at every step of the customer journey, from marketing sites to support agents.

By creating a machine learning model, you can discover which customer interactions and behaviors create the most valuable customers and then serve up the best messages to the right customers. AI can also allow you to improve your results because, each time a user goes through the journey, your system gets better and learns what works (and what doesn’t).

Additional Benefits of an AI-Powered Website

Running reports to see what people were searching for that didn’t deliver results will result in your being able to figure out ways to modify search pages to make sure people get what they’re looking for.

Using machine learning allows you to understand user context and intent to recommend the content or product that the user needs. Organizations can quickly see real value from their AI investments and how it creates a strategic opportunity to leverage all their data silos.

Drilling down into channel reachability, seeing how many actions users have completed, running advanced reports, and getting a comprehensive view of journey performance in real-time is what enables AI to help ensure a better buyer’s journey.

Digital Experiences that Convert

Imagine providing a unique experience for every visitor – automatically. Effortlessly connecting visitors to the content they need with intelligent search and recommendations will help them engage, learn, and convert.

Discover to use AI-powered website search service by Coveo to effectively address multisite management.

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