Importance of NCERT Books for Class 10 Science students 

As exam season approaches, students start searching for the best study material, tips, and preparation methods that will help them secure high marks, especially in their board exams.

Board examinations are considered a vital parameter in the Indian education system that often influences the pursuit of higher education and admissions to good colleges and thus many students prepare for this exam seriously.

However, students often have questions in their minds regarding which study material to refer to which can help them shine in the board exams.

As far as the CBSE board exams are concerned, they aim to test the fundamentals of students, and the most suitable study materials for that is none other than the good old NCERT books. NCERT books are the gold standard for students preparing for the CBSE board examinations and is the ultimate reference material a student needs to excel in the boards.

Here are some reasons why NCERT books are your best friends during your board exam preparation-

  1. Officially recommended study resource by CBSE

If you go to the CBSE website and check their resource section you can find NCERT books for all the subjects. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) officially prescribes NCERT books as a study resource and they are the best books for board exam preparation.

  1. Authentic and easy to grasp content

NCERT books are written by experts of various fields in a manner that makes it easy to understand the concepts. The books are designed to make the concepts of the subject clear in the students’ minds and so are best for students preparing for the board exams as the examination tests their understanding of the fundamentals. Even UPSC aspirants refer to the NCERT books for their preparation as the subject material is standard and concept-based.

  1. Multiple practice problems 

The best aspect of NCERT books in board exam preparation is their wide range of practice problems. The problems are based on critical thinking and help students understand the concepts rather than memorizing which helps them prepare for any tricky questions that may be asked in the exam. As they say, practice makes a man perfect; NCERT books are the perfect practice companion for a student preparing for board exams.

  1. Questions in Boards are framed from NCERT books

If you check the previous years’ question papers you can easily see that majority of the questions are taken from the NCERT study material itself and thus board exam aspirants should consider NCERT books as their bible for preparation. Especially the practice exercises at the end of chapters are valuable practice resources for students aiming to score high marks in the exams.

Often, students get confused by all the advice about board exam preparation and waste time and money searching for the perfect reference books when NCERT books are more than enough for any student to perform well in the board examinations. Reference materials can be good sources of revision at the last stages of exam preparation but if a student wants to score better, grasping the concepts is essential and NCERT books are best suited for that purpose.

Benefits of NCERT Books for Class 10 Science students

Science is the main subject in class 10 for the students who want to take science in 11 and 12 classes. Students have to pay more attention to science and maths in class 10th. Students learn many important concepts in class 10 science that can further help students in the higher classes. Therefore, students of class 10 must focus on new topics given in the NCERT books class 10 science. Reading every chapter from the NCERT books helps in a proper understanding of the main concepts. Therefore, students of class 10 must study and prepare for the final exams using the NCERT books.

All chapters in class 10 science books are given in detail so that students can get detailed information about different topics included in the NCERT books. Students must solve all questions given in class 10 NCERT books science to prepare for the board exams.  If students do not know the answers to the questions given at the back of any chapter, they can refer to the NCERT Solutions for class 10 science available on the internet. Students can download the solutions for any chapter for class 10 science to prepare for the final exams. The solutions available on the internet are written by expert teachers. Students can easily understand the difficult topics from the NCERT book.

Students need to work hard to clear the class 10 science exam with flying colors. Students can gain deep knowledge and understanding of the different topics available in class 10 science. Students can get vast knowledge about science from the class 10 NCERT books.  Class 10 science is divided into chemistry, physics, and biology. Students can make a timetable and separate the chapters to prepare for the board exams.

Overview of class 10 science

Students can read here to get an overview of the class 10 science so that they can prepare well for the exams.

Chemical Reactions and Equations: It is the first chapter in class 10 that will help students to learn about chemical reactions and equations.

Acids, Bases, and Salts: It is the second chapter that will help the students to learn about different types of acids, bases, and salts and their uses.

Metal and Non-Metals: In this chapter, students will learn about metals and non-metals and the different properties of metals and non-metals.

Carbon and its Compounds: It is the fourth chapter in class 10 science and students will study carbon and its compounds.

Periodic Classification: In this chapter, students will study the periodic table and the classification of elements in the periodic table into groups and periods.

Life processes: It is the sixth chapter in class 10 Biology in which students will study the concepts related to life.

Control and coordination: It is the seventh chapter and students will learn about the central nervous system and how it controls our body.

How do organisms reproduce: In this chapter, students will study the process of reproduction and different types of reproduction?

Heredity and Evolution: In this chapter students will study genes and how genes help in transmitting the characters from parents to offspring.

Light Reflection and Refraction: This chapter will help students of class 10 to study light and different concepts related to it such as refraction, reflection, and mirrors.

Human Eye and Colorful World: In this chapter, students will learn the structure of the eye and its working.

Electricity: In this chapter, students will study electricity, electric current, and other related topics.

Magnetic Effects of Electric Current: In this chapter students will study magnets and the connection between magnets and electricity.

Sources of Energy: In this chapter students will learn about different forms of energy and different sources of energy.

Our Environment: In this chapter students will learn about population and environment.

Management of Natural resources: This chapter will help students to learn about the conservation of natural resources and other related topics.

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