How Can Thermal Cameras Protect Neighborhoods And Communities

Surveillance and Thermal Imaging

Flir thermal cameras are known as forward-looking cameras. This type of device has the ability to create an image with the use of infrared radiation. The average or common camera uses visible light to create images.

Governments have the ability to integrate thermal imaging into surveillance cameras. This is useful in terms of monitoring people within low-light conditions. Thermal devices have the ability to collect some types of information in order to see what may be going on inside of buildings.

Useful in Police Surveillance Systems

Police surveillance systems can be impacted and thwarted by various light conditions. Some conditions have the ability to prevent a camera from capturing all of the needed details that an investigator may need. Infrared imaging and the use of thermal image cameras have the ability to pick up heat that is emitted by various objects.

 This is an excellent way to track animals and people. A thermal sensor will be able to read heat signatures right inside of a building. It can provide information and reveal some sensitive details revolving around the happenings going on behind closed doors.

This is all very useful within police surveillance systems. It ought to be noted that thermal imaging offers the government many benefits and emergency services can use this in their rescue and search efforts along with firefighting. Flir thermal cameras have many uses and have proven to offer numerous benefits.

Considering Civil Liberties

It ought to be noted that thermal imaging is a very powerful tool which is used for gathering information from private places. It is possible for any government agent to use this device in an inappropriate way. It is possible to use it to gather information on people in terms of basing information on their religious and political beliefs and views. Thermal imaging can actually be used within dragnet surveillance in any type of community.

Dragnet is a type of system that is used to apprehend a criminal. Many people hold the belief that a dragnet surveillance is unconstitutional. Many government agencies use this in order to monitor people if the conditions prevent the ordinary cameras from obtaining the necessary images needed.

Civil liberties are taken into consideration when in use and when information is needed. Police may outfit various vehicles in order to monitor human beings from a distance. Keep in mind, a thermal camera cannot see right through a wall. It will only reveal some sensitive information in terms of what may be actually going on inside.

Thermal Imaging: A Proven Technology

It ought to be noted that most law enforcement agencies do consider thermal imaging to be a proven technology. Research and high demand in terms of its uses in the military has been ongoing over the last ten years.

Major advances within technology has been the outcome. The advances have even lowered the prices and this has allowed local departments to purchase these types of needed tools. The federal government does provide much support to local departments that are not able to buy thermal cameras. The Office of National Drug Control Policy is the Technology Transfer Program. It has provided 600 or more units to various police departments throughout the country for the use of drug investigations.

The Corrections Technology Center and the federal Law Enforcement Center have used a 79 million dollar investment which was made by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the United States Army in order to reduce the cost of thermal imaging technology. The reduction is for local agencies.

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