Best Ways to Improve Internet Speed

Nowadays, a fast internet connection is a must. Previously, people had to settle for wired internet services and unreliable speed. Thankfully, the advancement of technology led to wireless connections, which significantly improved the browsing experience. As a result, Internet service providers now entice people with faster connection speeds and higher data limits.

Signing up for an internet package is advisable to give you a regular stable connection. Users will then have the capacity to access sites such as, Prime and Netflix for example without lag, distortion or intermittent broken connections, where a stable connection is a must for maximum entertainment and enjoyment.

However, if you encounter problems with your internet speed and you cannot wait for a team to swing by your house, here are a few things you can do.

Turn your router off and on

One of the easiest ways to improve internet speed is to turn your WiFi router off. This will give your modem a chance to clear the virtual head. Once you turn it off, wait 30 seconds or more before turning it back on. Then, disconnect all gadgets and let them connect after the modem goes back online. This will help restore the speed, and you need to do this regularly to refresh the virtual head.

Move the router

Let’s emphasize location, location, location. Where you place your router is key to its reception. Any huge physical object will block the WiFi signal, and the same goes for equipment with radio waves. If you need to move the modem, place it in an area free from obstructions.

Remove unnecessary connections

You might be overloading your router with unnecessary connections, which will unarguably affect the internet speed. Change your WiFi password to terminate any unpermitted device from tapping into your router quickly.

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Replace outdated equipment 

If you believe that the problem is outdated hardware, you can contact your internet service provider to upgrade the equipment. You can even strike a deal with your ISP to buy your equipment, and they can adjust the subscription price accordingly.

Use WiFi extenders

There will be some areas around the house that will have weaker signals than the central location. If you want to increase your speed, you can use signal extenders, such as boosters, powerline extenders and wired access points. These devices will help you gain faster speeds at a low cost.

Clear your device cache

Another way to address the slow internet connection is to clear your device cache. Your computer stores connection data, so you’ll need to clear the cache regularly to improve the connection speed.

Switch WiFi channels 

If you can switch your WiFi from 2.4 GHz to a 5 GHz channel, you’ll have lesser overlapping signals, resulting in better speed. Overlapping signals cause data packets to interfere with each other and cause slower connections.

Bottom line

End-users must have fast internet speeds, and there are several ways which you can do to improve the connection you enjoy throughout the day.


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