Workplace Investigation Timeline

As many organizations continue to support remote work, employee relations and human resources issues continue to need to be supported in a new digital manner. As digital communication became the only option for companies and their employees throughout the pandemic years, the way in which companies handled transgressions needed to transform as well. Many in-person tactics were able to be translated to online handlings of these issues, but there were some that weren’t as readily able to do so. Ultimately, conducting any sort of workplace transgression investigation is much easier to accomplish when doing so in the office. That said, issues that occur online are just as important to solve. Which is why it’s imperative for those in the employee relations and human resource positions to be prepared for the ways in which they’ll need to handle the trouble that employees may encounter or contribute to, even as they work remotely. That isn’t to say that in-person techniques don’t remain effective, nor that they can’t be translatable to remote environments. It is important to consider that these issues might be harder to correctly diagnose, however, as it can be much easier for HR professionals to overlook transgressions that occur mostly online. In efforts to avoid casting a bias over these types of issues and thus spurring on feelings of disrespect or neglect for employees, preparation is important. To be prepared for any workplace transgressions to come, be sure to take some time reviewing the information found in the infographic supporting this post.

Workplace Investigation Timeline provided by HR Acuity, a company offering a comprehensive employee relations case management system

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