How do I score full marks in class 9 maths?

A common question many of us wonder as naive students; How do people get full marks in maths? While every student has a different way of going about, there are a few aspects of studying the subject that can help almost every candidate who wishes to achieve a complete score.

Class 9th as-is is a vital year for students. This year enables students to have more free time to get familiar with concepts that are fresh, new and for the most part, a bit complex to understand at first. This is where many candidates struggle since topics such as trigonometry are introduced during this time frame. However, today’s article will help you get a good grip on your study schedule and help you attain full marks in your next examination.

Tips to score full marks in class 9th math 

Check the Syllabus and plan accordingly

The first preparation step for a grade 9th student should be to check and understand the syllabus. It’s highly recommended since the syllabus of a subject like maths will contain all the units, their weightage and help pupils to plan out their studies.

Another reason why knowing a syllabus is significant is that pupils get an idea of the content that will be assessed in the exams also, and provide a clear description of each topic or unit in detail. This allows pupils to picture how tough or complex a chapter is to study and structure their approach according to it

Concentrate on Important Topics 

Topics that are important and stressed throughout an academic are more likely to have a higher weightage in an examination. Questions related to such topics can make up for around 30% of an entire exam’s marks.

It is recommended for students to keep learning and revising such topics that are important to ace and guarantee a certain amount of marks for themselves.

Curate a Formula Sheet

The worst thing that can occur to a candidate during their exam is forgetting a formula related to the question. No matter how well-versed one is of the topic or how easy the question may be, formulas are the main ingredient that helps solve questions (usually related to the topic of mensuration).

Having a formula sheet will help you get a vivid image of all formulas at once rather than going back and forth to find them in the textbook. In addition, this is one of the most subtle and well-known tricks known to candidates. The whole sheet makes it easy for students to memorise formulas in one sitting and is also considered a fun way to learn by some.

Manage your paper Time Effectively

Numerous candidates don’t attempt at least one question. This isn’t due to their lack of knowledge of forgetfulness but rather being short on time. To leave off a problem that one could’ve easily solved in maybe a minute is a regret many students face.

Hence, it becomes mandatory for every student to effectively spend their time on each question. It is suggested to give small questions around a minute to be solved and around 5-10 minutes for longer questions and leave at least 10 minutes for the end to review your entire paper. These last few minutes come in handy for candidates as they can solve a problem that may have been left out earlier or spot any silly mistakes.

Maintain a Practice habit 

The only strategy for improving and gaining proficiency in 9th Grade Maths is practising daily. This is often neglected by students but holds great significance. Everyday practice will ensure that students have familiarity with not just the easy topics but especially the difficult ones. When students become habitual to problem-solving as opposed to simply reading the material or cramming at the last minute, it gives rise to effective engagement. This assures that students are aware of the step by step process of the question which helps them tackle complicated problems in the exams.

Learn a few Math Tricks

Learning a few basic tricks is very handy to improve and make math quicker. When faced with a tricky problem, knowing math tricks makes it easier and less stressful. These shortcut methods help simplify the question to a great extent. Tricks like learning how to quickly find the square root or cube root, solve the quadratic equation, learn approximation and many more make solving faster. There are also various resources in the form of videos and blogs that assist students to master math tricks easily.

However, students do need to keep in mind to memorize the formulas and revise their basics if they wish to use these tricks.

Get guidance from expert resources

Another key way to score more is to have good and rich resources to prepare beforehand. These can include videos, past papers, notes from experts and teachers. A good resource will allow students to have the best understanding of every concept of not just Math but rather any other subject.

Good resources can be available online or at one’s school in a library or with teachers’.

Attempt Chapter Wise Questions

Coming down to the last one, a constructive method to practice solving past paper style questions is to attempt chapter wise problems. Several of such papers like RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 9 Maths Chapter 2 are available online for downloading. By doing this, a pupil will be able to grasp the format of questions quickly. It’s a known fact that the exam paper pattern is a vital element.


All around, these were some effective tips that will help grade 9th candidates to get full marks in their maths exams. Interestingly, math is a subject where a pupil can get a full score and thus it’s encouraged that students should aim for a full total! The CBSE class 9th exams are a few months away so it is time for pupils to gear up. In the run-up to this crucial exam, students need to search for numerous effective ways to prepare themselves mentally and physically.

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