The Digital Landscape Of College Search

Understanding that the incoming generation of college students spends more than eight hours online a day, the recruiters behind the institutions have adapted their strategies when it comes to attracting students. Though many students spend some of this time on instruction in high school or homework outside of the classroom a lot of the time is spent browsing popular social media applications. The content that these applications tend to focus on is almost entirely video and photo based and is the same across most social media platforms. This information is what has shaped the way in which college recruiters, marketers, and researchers have begun targeting potential students. The content can be pivotal in attracting students whether it be related to the academic or social elements of college, the short and engaging content being shared on social media pages is swaying students more than traditional methods seen in the past. That said, online presence is important, but may not be the defining factor in how prospective students make their decisions. To be better prepared to both attract and receive these students to your institution, delve into the information shared within the resource highlighted amongst this post.

The Digital Landscape Of College Search provided by Encoura, one of the premier choices in enrollment marketing agencies for undergrad programs

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