Social Media and Lead generation

When one thinks about lead generation, one does not instantly think of using social media. They think of all sorts of ways to enhance brand awareness such as creating the right whitepapers, e-books, focusing on the chat bot on the website, hosting events& webinars, launching a newsletter etc. but social media is way down on that list. Sure, social media does crop in at some point but it is not the first thing that strikes the mind.

This perception about social media has started evolving but not fast enough. The potential offered by social media is huge.Social media enables sales leads fostering& helps with branding while giving businesses a greater return on investment. The audience one can reach via social media is vast while the cost remains fairly minimal as compared to the other alternatives of lead generation.

Organizations that use social media lead generation tactics and strategies are more prone to achievingimproved results at every stage of the sales funnel spanning across growing brand awareness to furthering sales conversions. As per a white paper by IDC, around 3/ 4 thof the B2B buyers out there and 84% C-level executives have started including social media as an important aspect of the decision-making process

To strategize your lead generation process it is important to bring the experts on board, right from being an affordable SEO agency to one of the leading digital & social media experts, RepIndia works as per your goals to strategize a plan that offers the best results and RoI.

Understanding The Concept Of Social Media Lead Generation  

As the name suggests, social media lead generation is all about using platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc to create brand awareness and generate customers.  It involves implementing planned marketing campaignsexclusively designed to capture qualified leads and grab them to be a part of your sales funnel.

Creating sales leads via social media equips businesses to classify people who have shown an interest in their business. These leads connect the business to the possible customers for themto make suitable propositions andconvert them to first time buyers and eventually loyal customers.

The main objectives of using social media to generate leads are:

  1. Enhance Brand Awareness:In the year 2020, there were around 96 billion active social media users – this number itself is a testament to the sheer importance of social media. Since more people take to social media with each passing year to research and read reviews about brands, it is easier to capture the attention of your target audience &generate brand awareness.
  2. Reach Out To A Larger Audience: To increase your social media presence first target people who are already aware of you. When you share relevant articles, white-papers, blogs and other interesting and relevant content, people give feedback. Use that to feedback to improve your social media game & tap a new audience as well as strengthen your existing relationships.
  1. Grow Your Website Visitors: With almost 4 billion active social media users, it offers the best platform to bring them to your website by taking advantage of the various channels available to you. Through various social mediainteraction points you can get relevant website visitors & eventually convert them to leads.

The kind of exposure and interaction social media gives you is incomparable. You can actually listen to your customers, monitor the various social channels of the brand to see what the customers are saying about it – what is the customer feedback? Or what are the specific topics where they are mentioning your brand? One can establish a bond with prospective buyers as well as customers at various stages of social interaction. Social media offers a sense of belonging and forms a community for the supporters and followers.

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