The Data Skills Gap and How it Impacts Your Company

We are all aware that there is a growing data skills gap, but what impact does it have on your company?

There is a growing problem in the international workforce which both starts and ends with technology. We are moving into the world of industry 4.0. We are in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution. The first was steam powered, the second gas and electricity powered. The third was web powered, the fourth is digital. This evolution of our skills and knowledge is a giant leap for mankind – but not if we don’t understand any of it.

What we have in the workplace at the moment is a gigantic skills gap which is growing with every passing day. In the past few decades, this has only gotten worse. It started with boomer generation workers having to learn how to type and send emails, and it’s evolved to including all those companies that need web designers, developers, architects, and data scientists. There simply are not enough technologically minded people in the right places within our workforce. We need to set this to rights if we want to continue to advance.

What is the Digital Skills Gap?

The digital skills gap is just what it sounds like. It is the difference between what we need to do daily in the tech world to enhance our businesses, and what we can do, based on the human resources we currently have access to. In some cases, this gulf is so cavernous that the business can physically fail as a result. Imagine, for example, that you work in a financial advisor’s office. If you don’t know how to generate spreadsheets and update them with mathematic formulas, you can’t continue to work. And that’s just a base level example. Imagine you own a high-end tech corporation, but you don’t have the product designers needed to build apps, or sites, or new products. You wouldn’t get far in your industry before you stopped trading.

The digital skills gap prevents companies from moving forward. Ultimately, without the workers that power change, no change occurs. Companies that don’t evolve with the times are not companies capable of lasting. If you don’t do something about the digital skills gap in your business, you could soon find yourself out of work.

Don’t panic, because we are going to tell you what you can do to solve the skills gap in your life.

How to Solve the Digital Skills Gap in your Business?

There are two primary methods for solving the digital skills gap in your business. The first is to head over to the Hays Technology Jobs pages. There you will find countless new potential employees that have the skills you need to succeed. Otherwise, you can train your existing members of staff to increase their digital skills and close the skills gap that way. Remember, an increase in skills means your staff may be head hunted. Pay them to reflect their new responsibilities or take the risk that they may go elsewhere.

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