Important details you must know about respirator fit testing

Employees who work in high-risk environments need all the right personal protective equipment. Respirators, for example, can help protect them against harmful smoke, mists, dust, and other hazardous substances in the atmosphere. However, respirators are not a one-size-fits-all kind of protective gear. They must be properly fitted to work. So before donning one, employees need the approval of a respirator fit testing Gold Coast expert.

Here are some frequently asked questions about respirators and fit testing.

Why wear a respirator?

Respirators are widely used in various industries, such as healthcare, life science, and higher education, as well as industrial and mining facilities. They are meant to protect an individual from airborne particles and substances that may be harmful to one’s health. Of course, your employees must first go through fitness for duty assessment to ensure that they are fit for the job.

Why is respirator fit testing important?

Fit testing is done to make sure that the respirator fits the worker’s face perfectly. This helps ensure that they do not inhale any of the toxic substances in their workplace. Proper fit testing must be conducted by a respirator fit testing Gold Coast professional to provide workers with respirators that properly fit their faces.

This should be done before employees are required to use one in the workplace. Workers must undergo another fit testing when there is a new design, or there were changes in the facial features of the worker, such as cosmetic surgery, weight gain/loss, or facial scarring.

When do you need to wear a respirator?

Respirators should be worn before a worker enters a workplace with harmful, airborne substances or particles, such as mines. But if a person has any underlying respiratory problem, wearing a respirator might worsen their condition. So before you allow your employee to enter such an environment, they must first obtain a fit for work medical certificate.

Why is respiratory protection training important?

Before you issue your employees with a respirator, you must have a written respiratory protection plan. This should include vital information, such as medical clearance, respirator selection, fit testing, training, and proper respirator use and storage.

Your respiratory protection training must be presented as clearly and concisely as possible. It should include key information, such as the following.

  • Why workers need to wear a respirator.
  • What the respirator can and cannot protect them.
  • How to properly put on and take the respirator off.
  • How to check the seal of their respirator.
  • Proper usage of their respirators in emergency situations, such as when their respirators do not work properly.
  • Recognising signs and symptoms that prevent or limit them from using a respirator.
  • The procedures for correct storage and maintenance.

Concluding thoughts

Having a proper respiratory protection program is a must when workers are exposed to toxic substances at the workplace. They must be fit tested as soon as they join the company and annually after that to ensure that their respirators still provide a tight-fitting seal. Respirator fit testing Gold Coast experts ensure proper respirator fit.

However, do make sure that you only hire from a reputable company like Resile. They do not just provide high-quality services. They are also committed to maintaining the requirements of a good clinical governance policy. Take a look at

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