Huntsville divorce: Can you complete the process online?

When we think of the word “divorce”, we usually imagine a courtroom situation where spouses are shouting at one another. In the real world, divorces don’t have to be complicated or complex. Yes, you can get an online divorce anywhere in Alabama. If you are contemplating how to get started in Huntsville, your immediate step should be to seek legal help from an expert. A skilled Huntsville divorce lawyer can guide you through the steps so that you can complete the process online. Here’s a quick look at the basic aspects.

An uncontested divorce

Suppose you and your spouse decide to resolve all marital issues amicably, including division of assets and properties, child custody, parenting schedules, child custody, and maintenance. In that case, you can file for an uncontested divorce. Your lawyer will help you draft a divorce settlement agreement, and because this won’t be a fault-based divorce, you can just state there are irreconcilable differences, and the marriage cannot be saved. You don’t have to go to court or a trial.

When you cannot get an online divorce

There are many situations when an online uncontested divorce is not an option for couples. You cannot go the virtual way if your spouse doesn’t want the divorce or there is no agreement on significant issues, such as child custody. If you are fighting for alimony or are in a situation where you fear for your children’s safety, the online route is not a choice.

Is an online divorce valid?

Yes, absolutely. Online divorce is valid in Alabama. You will still need to prepare the documents and complete the paperwork. Once the documents have been signed, both spouses must adhere to the agreed-upon terms. The judge will check everything that has been filed, and based on the details, they will issue a divorce decree, which is the same as with a regular divorce. Just make sure that you find the right lawyer to take care of the process so that there are no mistakes that can otherwise cause delays.

Final word

An uncontested divorce that is filed online can help you avoid some of the ordinary expenses and reduce the burden considerably. While most couples don’t need to visit the court, you may have to do the same when there are filing errors. Find a law firm that deals with online divorces in Huntsville and rely on their credible and experienced lawyers to complete everything for you.

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