Ways to Accelerate E-commerce Deliveries

  • Utilize Third-Party Fulfillment Collaborating with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider can rapidly elevate your proficiency in logistics and delivery. This partnership offers nationwide capabilities, facilitating swift delivery options.
  • Enhance Order Picking Efficiency Implementing efficient racking systems, automated pick technologies, and conveyor systems for picking, loading, and unloading operations can significantly reduce the time required for order fulfillment, potentially shaving off hours or even days from the delivery cycle.
  • Opt for More Efficient Shipping Services Various shipping services such as parcel shippers, USPS, LTL trucking firms, and van delivery services each have distinct advantages depending on factors like weight, order size, volume, and delivery area. Assess whether you have the appropriate partners aligned with your specific needs.
  • Manage Inventory Levels Stock-outs often contribute to delivery delays. Maintaining optimal inventory levels ensures that all ordered items are readily available, eliminating the need to wait for complete orders before shipping.
  • Implement Multi-Location Shipping Delivering same-day or next-day to all regions across the U.S. from a single location is impractical. Establishing strategically positioned branch warehouses enables efficient distribution and overcomes geographical delivery challenges.

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Infographic created by FMH Conveyors, a premier provider of flexible motorized conveyors revolutionizing material handling

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