Natural Cure for Your Dog’s Chronic Diseases

If you have a dog as your pet, youwill know that keeping a dog comes with a lot of tender care and responsibility.  Dogs are often vulnerable to suffer from diseases like humans,as chronic pain, cancer, anxiety, epilepsy, inflammation, irritable bowel movements and so on.  Whereas some of these diseases can easily be treated by taking your dog to your veterinary doctor, thereare also effective natural ways of taking care of these diseases.

One of the most popular natural remedies that are gaining popularity is the use of CBD oil.  This oil is extracted from hemp and helps relieve pain in dogs.  If extracted in a proper way, it is completely natural and does not have any side effects. The name CBD is derived from cannabidiol which is the chemical compound found in the Cannabis plant. There are some misconceptions in the market that the consumption of CBD oil might make your dog high, but practically the benefits of CBD oil is that it does not contain THC and does not behave like a drug.

 CBD oil for dogs

When it comes to the safety and health of one’s pet, you might be questioning whether CBD oil will be effective in such case of chronic disorders.So, if the severity of the disease is more, it is always advisable to take your dog to a veterinary doctor first since the effects of CBD oil in curing chronic diseases is still debatable. However, considering that CBD oil does not have many side effects, it only makes sense to try and test its efficacy.

Before using the CBD oil for dogs make sure that it is extracted properly, is pure and does not contain any harmful chemicals in it.  Check for the label and see if there is a presence of THC.  If so, do not buy the product.  Follow the dosage that is prescribed for your dog depending upon its age, size, and weight.

 Which diseases can be treated by CBD oil

 CBD oil is extremely useful in case of the below-mentioned conditions-

  1. Anxiety

CBD is known to boost serotonin which creates a calming effect in dogs.  Usually, anxiety in dogs is marked by continuous pacing, whimpering, hiding, loss of sleep, loss of appetite, and showing aggressive behaviour.  CBD oil can help the dog calm its nerves with little use.

  • Chronic inflammation

Chronic inflammation in dogs is usually marked by swelling, stiffness in the joints’, redness of the skin and chronic pain.

The use of CBD oil interacts with the receptors and helps reduce inflammation.  It also helps in relieving pain.

  1. Epilepsy

Like humans a dog can also be epileptic.  Epilepsy in dogs is usually marked by sudden seizures, twitching of the mouth, collapsing, muscle spasm, and loss of consciousness

 The anticonvulsant properties in CBD oil help prevent seizures and calm the nerves.

  1. Regular Pain

You can say that your dog is in pain if it is unable to do its regular activities like walking, running, climbing stairs etc. CBD oil can treat such painful conditions by enhancing the activity of the neuro transmitter anandamide.

CBD oils are low on risk, and being organic can take some time to show remarkable effects. But prolonged use can surely help your canine get the fitness and agility.

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