Important SEO Rules That Every Graphic Designer Should Know

Graphic design is more than creating a stunning website. Proper selection of layout and colors that synchronize the entire business idea is equally important. It should provide a nice balance appearance and functionality.

In this article, you will learn about steps to create aesthetically pleasing that proves a gateway to business and visitors again.

How does SEO help in Graphic Designing?

SEO helps Google to recognize graphics and provide deserving rankings to the website. It assists in clear communication with users with the help of graphics. SEO also assists the search engine to provide an idea related to the brand.

SEO enables the user to design, and incorporate user-oriented graphics. SEO services can assist in guiding graphic designers for curation and optimization of friendly content. SEO tips save time and create a positive difference in factors and user experience in Google ranking.

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Important SEO Tips for Graphic Designer

  • Focus on making a problem-solving design

Design a solution that helps solve a problem. Anticipate, and infuse the features of trends, needs, and the kind of product service. Your design has to communicate things in an adequate balance of content, visuals, and colors.

  • Designing a Mobile-First Design for Google

Google has begun considering mobile user experience at the time of determining the search results page rank of the website. As more traffic is delivered to websites through mobile devices, it is important to implement a mobile-first strategy.

It would help in the growth of the website. This makes a mobile-friendly platform a top-priority and a necessity. Mobile advertising is a multiple-channel online marketing plan that aims at reaching out to an online audience via iPads, tablets, smartphones, and iPhones.

  • Use High-Quality Images

Whatever be the theme of the website, you need to include appropriate superior-quality images. It will prove useful in enhancing visitor engagement and obtaining high search rankings. It takes only a few minutes for uploading an image.

  • Readable Structure

Users refer to various apps and websites. The design should be such that it helps in deciding whether or not to stay to read more or click the back button. Words, animations, videos, and images will help in improving readability.

  • Insert Visuals

The addition of Visuals in the website content makes it more appealing and easily comprehensible. This is because visuals are more powerful than text. It processes the less-busy region of the brain that helps process them 60,000X quicker than text.

Here are some of the best ways to insert visuals into your website content:

  • Insert Photographs
  • Give a proper “alt text” to help search engines learn its relevance
  • Use Infographics
  • Use appealing Animated GIFs
  • Add visual cues such as arrows and lines to make users stay for a long time
  • Avoid the use of bright colors


Visualization is very important in graphic design. A graphic designer should make sure that their designs display the right blend of SEO strategy and creativity. It benefits a web page to secure good rankings on the search engine results page. The above tips will help you curate content and design clearly for the target audience while satisfying the objective of the brand.

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