Important Features You Should Consider in a WP Author’s Box Plugin

An Author box is one of the ways to reward authors, and give them credit for their effort on the website. WordPress is one of the commonest and widely used content management systems for creating websites and blogs.

If you own a WordPress based website and want to install author box, then we are sharing with you top features that you should look for in your WordPress Author Box Plugin.

What is an Author Box?

It is basically the space below the posts reserved to show the WordPress author biography to the readers. You can use Simple Author Box plugin to add more than thirty social profile fields on the WP user profile section. You can also display the social icons of the author in the author box.

What are the necessary features to be present in a Simple Author Box?

Common Features of A Author Box:

Now that you know about the author’s box, you should learn about the list of essential features that needs to be present in the author box.

  • Shows name, author gravatar, social media profiles and website of the author, and his/her description
  • It is designed to be completely customizable to match the design of the theme that includes color, style, text options, and size of the plugin
  • Looks nice on a tablet, laptop, desktop, and mobile phones
  • Automatically inserts itself at the end of the post, or you can manually insert the box on the template file i.e., author.php, and single.php
  • Provides support for RTL, and AMP

Premium features of Simple Author Box Pro:

  • Allows to modify the placement of author box to before or after content
  • Choose whether the name of the author should link to the website, web page, or none
  • Choose where to display the author box
  • Add “rotating effect” on hovering your mouse cursor on the avatar of the author
  • Option to open the link of the author website in a new tab
  • Option to add “nofollow” attribute on the website link of the author
  • Select the position of the author box, right, or left
  • Social icons type, shadow effect, rotate effect, style, and a thin border
  • Option to modify its color palette
  • Select the font type and sizes for description, title, name, and website of the author
  • Enable co-authors, and guest authors and use co-authors as guest-authors if required
  • Top authors widget shows the popular authors based on comments
  • Displays the users chosen for the simple author box widget

How to install Simple Author Box?  

Here is the procedure to download and install the author box on your website. 

  • Download file of the plugin on your system.
  • Install this file. All its contents will get stored to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Now go to the ‘Plugins’ menu in WP and “Activate” it.
  • You will see a new sub menu item as “Author Box” in your primary Settings menu.


Author box is an effective plugin that mentions the name and description of an author who has written that article. Click here to read more about author boxes and how to create them.

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