Maximus Yaney’s Kangaroo Makes Home Security Available for Everyone

Entrepreneur Maximus Yaney knows a thing or two about turning a smart idea into a reality.  The Kangaroo Founder & CEO already succeeded in developing such products as high-altitude solar drones with ventures like Titan Aerospace. This was eventually purchased by Google’s special projects division. However, for his latest project, Maximus Yaney has directed his attention towards something a little more close-to-Earth: home security.

About Maximus Yaney’s Latest Endeavor

Maximus Yaney currently serves as CEO of Kangaroo Security. Yaney and his team share the goal of providing consumers with the best home security system. More specifically, the best affordable home security system.

That’s an important point. As Kangaroo Security CEO, Max Yaney knows that being able to protect one’s home is very important to virtually all homeowners. The entrepreneur also knows it’s not that easy. Most traditionally home security systems (especially home security cameras) are prohibitively expensive. Those who would benefit from them simply can’t afford them.

That’s why Kangaroo Security Founder and CEO Max Yaney decided addressing the issue was worth his effort and attention. However, Yaney doesn’t merely want to provide consumers with a less-expensive alternative to traditional home security systems. He also wants to provide home security solutions that leverage technology to offer the best possible features and functionality.

After all, cost isn’t the only reason many consumers struggle to take advantage of home security systems. Accessibility and ease-of-use are also important. Options for most home security systems are so abundant that consumers often find themselves overwhelmed and confused by their potential choices. Additionally, the average person won’t know how to set up a home security system on their own once they purchase it.

That may no longer be the case. First of all, Maximus Yaney and Kangaroo aim to significantly reduce the price of home security by offering a monthly monitoring fee below $10, and no upfront costs. This is a major reduction from the average price of most home security systems currently on the market. The way in which the company could achieve this ambitious goal actually serves to highlight the ease-of-use and strong functionality it plans to offer. This is the first step on the road to creating the best affordable security system.

Quite simply, Kangaroo Security products primarily take the form of home security cameras that users can connect to their smartphones, tablets, and various other smart devices. This potentially makes them the best home security cameras available because homeowners can use them to easily monitor their homes remotely. This structure also allows for much lower costs than a consumer would find elsewhere. Therefore, one might say Maximus Yaney has already supplied the best affordable home security system. However, the CEO of Kangaroo is always striving to build better and smarter.

Entrepreneur Maximus Yaney is no stranger to achieving ambitious goals. Learn more about his endeavors as Kangaroo Security Founder & CEO at Maximus Yaney’s Twitter and Maximus Yaney’s LinkedIn.

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