We shop a lot. But do we really know what we are buying? Do we know the material of what we are buying and what threats and advantages it can possess? No, we don’t, because we don’t have the time to. We get what we see as if shopping were also a rat race. We don’t care about quality. All we care about is that it fulfills our short-term requirements and is inexpensive. If the product fulfills these criteria, we go on spending upon them.

But, is this habit healthy? Well, I don’t really think so, because here we are talking about our physical and mental health and also our wealth. We get so engrossed in being a part of the race that we completely forget what our long-term requirements are and in what ways buying this particular product can affect us. We buy something lavish and spend a ton on it, only to realize that its quality is not good after a month or two.

Be it your clothes, the food that you are eating, the furniture you have in your house/office, the paint you have used to color your walls; everything needs to be quality checked to assess its sustainability and evaluate if it’s overpriced or under.


I personally believe that our desks, be it the ones at our offices or the ones at our study rooms, should be sustainable and long-lasting. They shouldn’t be easy enough to break or catch rust in just a little amount of time. Our desks are sacred places as on them we work, by working on them we earn, by earning we meet the basic requirements of our families and ourselves. Also, desks cost a lot. Even if we buy from an okay brand, desks are still going to cost us some amount. Why waste that amount into buying something that is easy to be broken rather than buying something that is durable, sustainable, and long-lasting?

Also, apart from that, why do you get your floor furnished in brown wood? That is because it looks good, is smooth, and cannot be broken easily. In the same way, wooden desks can also look really luxurious, are long-lasting, and are super smooth to work upon. They can give your room richness that no other furniture can no matter how much you spend.


Well, there are a lot of options available in the market, but my personal favorites are the ones that come in the category of hardwood. Hardwood is what we use to surface standing desks. Hardwood is the type of wood that comes from the trees that grow wood slower than the trees of the other categories of wood. This kind of wood is the most durable for desks and is less likely to decay. As denser wood fibers create them, this category of wood is known to be superior when it comes to fire resistance.

My personal favorites are Maple wood, Birchwood, and Walnut wood. Maple wood is known for its sturdiness and density. It is strong, heavy, and resistant to moisture. Birchwood is known for its extremely stable surface and is extremely dense. Walnut wood is known for its stability and shock- resistance. Also, walnut wood requires the most care when compared to the other two.

You can also choose to pair your desks with an ergonomic office chair. These chairs can also be converted into Ergonomic chair with headrest.

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