How To Fix The “No Audio Output Device Is Installed” Error                


When on a computer, there are a number of pesky errors that can appear out of nowhere at any point in a week. It’s happened to many and thankfully there are plenty of solutions. Imagine an error pops up forever ruining your day as now you have to search for a solution. You search through articles, finding it annoying. Which has the actual information you seek though? Then you find this one.

To walk you through steps on how to resolve the pesky malfunction of the audio output device, some steps have been listed. In this article, we guide you on how to fix the “No Audio Output Device Is Installed” error. It’s one that may seem difficult to understand but is very simple to correct.


When turning on the laptop, someone may find that the computer is malfunctioning. They could stress or start finding solutions quickly. When going about, their impulses may make them search for an icon to try and get to the control panel potentially. From there, usually, most click to find the audio device area that needs to update and note you’ll have to find the device drivers too as that is the case sometimes.

It’s at that moment that some will encounter the error that has you reading this currently. The only time such a predicament occurs is when the audio drivers are corrupted and heavily outdated. It’s most common following a windows update. Sort of like winning an unfortunate lottery except that one is more of a headache than anything else when it comes to computer errors.

In order to fix the problem, correct the sound drivers by going to check for updates. When clicking on the sound driver and scanning for updates, it’ll recommend some online that are safe to download without risk of there being malware that will make the computer systems worse than they’d been prior to searching for said updates. Why risk downloading data that can be harmful to your computer? That’s why the following method has been established to combat the audio driver issue many finds.

Is it telling you no audio output device is installed? The next best method that will save stress is to opt for downloading a wonderful tool named “Driver Support” that is available for windows pc users. In seconds the application goes through the system and finds the right drivers to install for it. Simply download “Driver Support” Once it’s on the computer, click to activate a scan for the computer components. If there’s a complication with the audio driver’s then it will be listed. Simply flick to fix and sign up for a premium account.

Afterwhich the correction will be made to the device and you only have to restart the computer. You won’t have to deal with the computer telling you that no audio output device is installed within the PC’s database.

If that doesn’t seem to work for you, try device manager as that is the next method to correcting the computer. Hold Windows + R for a box to show on the screen. Then type devmgmt.mcs and click okay. Search through the list for sound, click on the action at the top of the screen and add legacy hardware. If given the selection to update through there, do so. Or go back to the sound tab.

Click on the correct sound card by observing the brand and specifically the model of the computer system. When found then the audio driver can be updated and you finish fixing the computer audio driver so the computer can be turned off and restarted with a solution.

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