Benefits of Online JEE Main Mock Test Series

The Joint Entrance Exam, also known as JEE, is attempted by over 11 lakh students in India and is one of the hardest competitive exams in the whole country. Students prepare for years to sit for this examination which is their ticket into prestigious engineering colleges of India such as the IIT’s, NIT’s, etc. Recently, JEE has been shifted to an online mode of conduction where students attempt the exam via a computer. This change has increased the importance of trying the Online JEE Main Mock Test Series which prepares the students in all aspects of the exam.

Various online websites, as well as coaching institutes, provide these mock tests which can be attempted from the comfort of your homes by just registering with the websites. To excel in JEE, you not only need to study hard, but you have got to study and think smart. While sitting for this examination, you will be in direct competition with some of the smartest brains in the country and to beat them, you need to dedicate your entire time to the preparation while at the same time monitoring yourself and trying to improve.

Here are some reasons why the online mock tests series are very profitable for students wanting to clear JEE Mains.

The final revision

A meticulously designed test series that contains hand-picked questions from past papers is the best way to do your final revisions a few weeks or a month or two before the exam. These tests not only cover the entire syllabus but also challenges all the knowledge you have gained during your preparation period. It is a very quick method to revise all the formulas at once as it necessitates the use of them in the mixed-bag questions.

Helps you stay ahead of your competitors

These tests occur one after the other and even multiple tests in a single day helps the candidates develop speed and accuracy. Their probability to gain success in the entrance exam increases with the number of tests they attempt. Therefore, students who did register for and partook in these tests, have a competitive edge over the others who didn’t. The tests also help you gain an understanding of where you stand on an all-India ranking list.

Analyze the paper and develop the plan of attack

Attempting several papers gives you a clear insight into the types of questions and the difficulty of the different sections of the paper. As students proceed through the tests, they can develop a strategy as to which sections they find easier and which part of the paper they need to work on and need more time for. On the final JEE Mains day, this strategy helps students to keep their nerves as they become very familiar with the paper pattern after solving so many mock tests.

On the spot evaluation

The tests, being online, provide instant answer keys or calculate the result for you, giving the students an instant evaluation for their tests and helping them identify the areas they need more practice in. The topics which are still weak or types of questions that are unfamiliar are easily highlighted and can be worked on in the time before the exam. This is very valuable feedback that enhances your level of preparedness as you immediately work on the mistakes made in this test and prevent them in the next one and inevitably in the final test.

An immediate boost in confidence

Multiple tests taken before the final JEE Mains helps the students get comfortable with the pressure of the limited time as well as the number of questions to be completed in them. They are well versed with the question paper format and the sections and this makes them feel at ease while taking the exam and help calm the nerves and reduce anxiety. Students, therefore, go to the exam hall confident of their preparation and ready to ace the test.

These advantages of the online JEE Main mock test series are enough to convince students to enrol in any website or coaching institutes that provide them, which in turn will help them ace the exam and secure good colleges.

Apart from these, here are some pointers and tips to keep in mind while preparing for and while attempting JEE Mains:

  • It is of utmost importance to have an excellent exam day strategy that will guide the students to finish the examination on time. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses will help students identify which questions to attempt first and which section of the paper to leave more time for.
  • Regular practice and constant revisions are the foundations to acing any competitive exam. Do not slack off even for a single day. Practising at least a bunch of questions every day should be made a priority.
  • The last few days (weeks or months, based on your convenience) should be left aside for revision and practice tests only. No new topic should be taken up during these crucial days before the exam. Rather, students are advised to focus on their strong concepts and concrete them before the exam.
  • Do not overwork yourself in the last days before the exam. It is important to keep the body and mind well-rested before D-day. Destress and take time out to relax while flipping through your notes and doing the final revisions.

In conclusion, destress, relax and focus on building your confidence a few days before the exam. The numerous practise tests that the students have taken will prove to be beneficial and provide them with a competitive edge over their peers and help them focus their minds on the problems instead of the ticking time and the pressure of the exam hall. Mock tests series, therefore, have a lot of benefits and prepare the students in all dimensions before the big test. Coaching institutes and websites that provide these mock tests series are numerous and easily available through research, some free and some with a fee.

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