3 Ways to Improve your Business’s IT

Is your IT department lacking a spark? These three methods will breathe new life into a dusty department.

If your business has been in a bit of a downturn lately, productivity is your first port of call to improve it. One of the chief drawbacks to productivity, is the software and hardware that your company uses. If it’s outdated, you are losing time. Each moment you lose is productivity down the drain.

Luckily, a good IT department will tell you when technology is costing more than it is saving you. On the other hand, many IT departments see it as their job to maintain, but bot to advise. You could end up with a stalemate situation where nothing gets better, and everyone loses out.

So here are our suggestions on how to fix it.

The 3 Best Ways to Improve your IT

Let’s talk improvements to your IT software, systems, and departments.

1 – Start with the Department

If your IT department really has gone dusty, shake it up with some new training. Some careers are lengthy, and it could be ten years since they left college… a lot happens in IT in a decade. Solve this problem either with training or with head hunting. New blood could be all it takes to shake up the stalemate and keep the old IT techs on their toes.

If you need the best of the best in IT staff in Britain, check out Hays Recruitment for guidance. If you need staff training, download a copy of the prospectus at your local college and see what classes they offer. You can hire specialists to come to you to train staff, too.

2 – IT Auditing

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a full IT department of our own. In this case, we work with freelancers through helpful websites. If we do have our own IT department, then we might still wish to have them independently audited every year.

Getting an IT audit gives you a glimpse into how much your outdated tech is costing you in terms of time and production. It can also suggest ways to improve the current situation, staff, and software, that will result in smoother workflow for everyone.

IT audits should be performed yearly whether you are hiring freelance IT techs or not. The outset cost might seem like an expense you can’t afford, but the audit will pay for itself if it spies time consuming equipment issues.

3 – Regular Updates

This goes across the board, for all devices and for all packages you use. Outdated software costs you money. It’s time-consuming, it makes you angry when you sue it, it costs extra energy, and it slows down your staff. Don’t put up with it. An upgrade takes a few minutes and, while annoying, it saves you hours of frustration.

Every piece of software you use needs updated from time to time. Keeping on top of it could really ease your stress level. Just do the updates, it’s not worth the time spent fighting with the machines and it spots things like Spyware threats before they become an issue.

And remember…

If all else fails, replacing the software with something less complex could be the ticket to success.

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